Things I’ve Forgotten


The world is a bowl of fresh, white milk.

Stars collide into one another and yet still remain unnoticed.

Evenings pass.

Dew collects upon single blades of grass, and bare feet run across fields,

Bursting the miniscule, shining mirrors of morning.

Fingers flip through pages of books,

Leaving prints that go unnoticed.

Pens bleed words onto margins

And sentences onto white corners of bathroom stall doors.

Yellow linen curtains let in sunlight even when closed,

And sometimes the moon peeks its bald head through basement windows.

Dust collects upon forgotten plastic trophies,

Projections of dreams we’ve abandoned,

And some we’ve simply misplaced.

Two strangers pass each other on a moving walkway in an airport and make eye contact.

Their eyes are the same shade of brown.

A small puddle of rain hangs suspended in the concave leaf of a tree,

Waiting to dump itself on the head of an unsuspecting passerby.

Life unfolds.

tobiaslane replied to your photo “Updates  -I’m trying to write poems and songs again.  -The world is…”

Kick ass Radia! PS Janis and I think you should be Kitara for Halloween. We were drinking heavily and watching avatar: last airbender the other night and we agree only you can do it.

Thank you! Oddly enough, a girl on my floor told me that last week. Maybe it’s a sign. 

-I’m trying to write poems and songs again. 
-The world is a scary place full of talented people and I’m so happy to be alive. 
-My mom sent me cereal in a care package and that was a bad idea I can’t stop eating it. 
-My chemistry teacher is really fantastic. 
-Oberlin is really fantastic. 
-Today my roommate took a nap and then freaked out because she thought she had slept through the night and missed all her classes. I like her a lot. 
-My french teacher is super cute and kind and for some reason that is motivating me to do well in the class because I want her to like me. 
-I’m applying for a position as an Oberlin blogger and so I need to go write some things. 
-Eyeliner game is on point 

I am in love with the most wonderful human being.

Today the Oberlin speech team had it’s first meeting and I didn’t go. Wow, that feels weird. 


this is England

stuck in a jam..
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